Restaurant Lido - Lunch Courses

Lunch Courses

Courses from the lunch menu are served from 11:00 to 17:00

Restaurant Lido offers a wide selection of appetizing lunch courses,
including various fish courses, sandwiches and pizzas. To complement the lunch,
we recommend one of our cold white wines or specialty beers.

Luxury Stjerneskud

Classic Danish 'stjerneskud' - steamed and pan-fried fillets of plaice
with eggs, shrimp, asparagus, salmon and dressing

DKK 99,-

Fish Platter

Fillet of fish, shrimp, fish cakes, fillet of salmon,
herring, home baked bread and 'remoulade'

DKK 129,-

American Burger

200 gr. hamburger with cheese, french fries and salad

DKK 89,-

Various Sandwiches

For example a classic club sandwich with chicken, bacon and salad

From DKK 89,-

Coffee Treat

A cup of coffee with a delicious piece of apple pie or pancakes with ice cream

DKK 59,-